New Start Development is trusted by the brands you know and trust to bring their continued visions in retail and commercial spaces to solid continued growth.

Marriot Hotels, Duncan Donuts and McDonald’s retail spaces. are fully realized from start to finish.


If you’ve seen the new cool cafe style McDonald’s with the creative real wood modern furnishing and interiors, then you’ve seen some of the cozy streamlined semi modern craftsmanship we’ve had a hand in co-creating with some of the largest brands in business and we love adding our expertise to your new and growing business.

McDonald’s is a worldwide brand that knows how to move with changing  style. They’ve recognized a new client that enjoys both a branded style customers have come to know and has combined that with warm rich retro modern amenities, creating a cozy sleek cafe feel, and New Start loves to fuse traditional, modern, and hand touched craftsmanship to business and lifestyle designing and building.